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Institutes in charge of Asian and Oriental studies in Romania

There are different institutes in which Asian research is conducted in Romania where researchers, human and social sciences PhD teachers and Asian geo-cultural relations experts work on culture, history, social life, archaeology or linguistics.

Most institutions are attached either to the Romanian Academy or to a University where one can find research centres and Master studies of Asian languages, civilisations and cultures.

Religion, religious interaction between eastern and western Europe, modern history of Eastern Asia, political orientation, migration, literature are so many studied subjects.

Most of the teachers have passed their PhD, but some are still studying and often publish articles in French or English.

The studied countries are: the Russian federation, India, Japan, China, Turkey, Tibet, Iran, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belorussia, Afghanistan and the Caucasian region.

Many scholarships were granted for Japanese studies due to the cultural and educational exchanges that exist between Romania and Japan.

In 2008 the first Master in Eastern Asia studies was created at the university of Bucharest, students can major in Chinese, Japanese or Korean language. That same year was created the Asian studies department at the Babes- Bolyai Cluj-Napoca University.

The University study centres:

Centrul de studii est-europene si asiatice (Eastern Europe and Asian studies centre), Bucharest University.

10 researchers or teachers.

Str. Povernei, no. 6, Sect.1, Bucharest, Romania


Centrul de Istoria Religiilor (Religious studies centre), history faculty, Bucharest University.

9 researchers or teachers.

B-dul  Regina Elisabeta, Nr. 4-12, Sector 5

Asociatia Romana  de Istoria Religiilor (Association for the History of religions), University of Bucharest

10 researchers or teachers.

Str. Edgar Quinet 14, Cod Postal 010017, sector 1

Centrul de studii romano-japoneze (Romanian-Japanese studies centre),

10 researchers or teachers.

Universitatea Româno-Americană,
Bulevardul Expoziţiei, nr. 1B

Institutul de Turcologie si Studii central-asiatice, (Institute of Turkish and Central Asian studies), University Cluj-Napoca.

20 researchers or teachers.

Universitatea, BABEŞ-BOLYAI
Mihail Kogălniceanu nr. 1 RO- 400084

The fantasy and rationality Research Centre Mircea Eliade, University of Craiova

9 researchers or teachers.

Str. A.I. Cuza nr. 13

Craiova 200585

Centrul de studii ebraice Goldstein Goren, (Hebraic studies centre), Bucharest University.

Str. Edgar Quinet 5-7, Bucureşti.

The Romanian Academy institutions:

Institutul de Istorie “Nicolae Iorga” (History Institution Nicolae Iorga),

Bld Aviatorilor1, 011851Bucureşti

Institutul National de Istoria a Religiilor (National Institute for the History of religions)

15 researchers

Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 13 Sect. 5, Bucharesti.

Bucharest University

Faculty of foreign languages and literatures; department of oriental languages and literature.

Asian studies Masters: China, Japan, and Korea.

Strada Pitar Moş nr. 7-13 etaj 1, Bucuresti

Hyperion University

Calea Calarasilor, Nr. 169, Sector 3, Bucuresti

University Babes-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca

Mihail Kogălniceanu nr. 1 RO- 400084

Faculty of arts

Department of Asian studies

Chinese, Japanese and Korean language studies.

Bucharest Japanese language school

Str. Biserica Enei nr. 2, bl. Dunarea

Popular Constanta University

20 researchers or teachers

Universitatea Populara Constanta, Bd. Ferdinand nr. 28, mun. Constanta, CT 900726

“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Japanese language and culture courses.

Bulevardul Carol I, Nr.11, 700506 Iasi.

Asian Research Centres:

Romanian Euro-Asian studies Institute

31-35, Emil Racovita Street, Residential Complex Azur 1, Pipera Vila AJ 42, Bucarest

Nipponica Foundation

BB-dul. Timişoara, Nr. 43, Bl. P13, Ap. 148, Sector 6, O.P. 66, C.P. 53, Cod 77300, Bucurest

Cultural exchange centre – Musashino, Brasov

Str. Matei Basarab 2, 500008 Braşov

Asociatia profesorilor de limba japoneza din Romania (Japanese languages professor’s association).

Bdul Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, nr 17, bl. 1, sc C, et. 2, ap6.  Iaşi, jud. Iaşi

Japanese and Romanian culture lovers’ association

B-dul. 1 decembrie 1918, Bl. 205, Ap.34, Târgu Mureş