Source: Asian studies in Greece, by Charalambos Tsardanidis, Institute of International Economic Relations, IIER, Greece (2009). See the original version.

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The area studies are not high in the research agenda. However, there has been a little bit more interest in area studies in recent years (for example at the Department of Turkish and Asian Studies, or Balkan studies in other universities).

More attention is paid to the near abroad than to Asia: the Balkan Studies, Middle East/Mediterranean Studies and even more on European Studies.

There is not enough trained University staff and researchers on Asian studies. There is no even knowledge of Asian languages. There is a lack of colonial past and tradition, and no past cultural, economic and political links with Asian countries. In addition, there is a lack of funding.

A great interest in Chinese language can be noticed in Greece. The immigration from Asia in Greece could be a positive factor for the expansion of Asian studies, as could be the expansion of Greek business in Asia.

A – No research at the University level:

1 University of Athens, Department of Turkish and Asian Studies

Misnomer, as all the courses refer to Turkish studies only.

B – Institutes which are not affiliated to Universities:

2 Public Administration School

All the research conducted there has not been formulated in the framework/ methodology of Area Studies with some exceptions.

Research conducted concerns mainly economic aspects like: Japan’s, China’s and India’s economy, regional integration like ASEM, inter-regional aspects: like ASEM and FEALAC, social aspects, like: the flow of immigrants, the Chinese immigrants entrepreneurship.

3 The Asia unit of the Institute of International Economic Relations (IEER) that belongs to Greek Association and Ltd Co.


Areas studied: Central Asia, China, Turkey, East Asia, India

Disciplines studied: trade, economy, development, cooperation, politics, international relations

Subjects studied: the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), FEALAC (Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation), ASEAN and inter-regionalism: ASEΑN – EU Relationship, relationships Europe/Greece – China/Japan, trade Prospects between Asia and Europe, Asian Migrants in Greece, India’s political look toward the East, economical presence of Asians in Greece

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